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Band News 

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This page will give you all the latest news from the Cleveland Concert Band as we get it, not weeks or months after it has happend. Don't forget to take a look at or sign our guestbook folks, the link is on our Home Page for your convenience. You can also follow us via FacebookOur first band C.D. is still on sale at £3 and can be purchased either by contacting us via this website or by ringing us on our dedicated contact number. Our NEW C.D. is on sale at £6:99 Orders can be sent by post or you could call in on one of our rehearsals, listen to the band and buy a C.D or two while you are there. We will have both our C.D's with us at our concerts throughout the year.. All our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience..

Can you play music and do you have your own wind instrument? If you can play to a moderate standard then we would like to hear from you. Age is not a problem just as long as you enjoy meeting new people while playing good entertaining music. We will never turn anyone away who wishes to play a wind instrument and doesn't have a musical grade, not like some other local bands. Get in touch at any time or call over during a rehearsal evening to see what you think, you will not be disappointed. Don’t be shy, give us a try, you will be glad you did.

10.11.17 Beamish here we come: Not long to go for our Chrsitmas Concert season at Beamish Open Air Museum. The band are sounding great and are getting to grips with some new Charistmas music as well as the new music for next year. Peter Bamrose is doing a fantastic job as he stands in for Keith while he is away ill. Just a few short weeks to go then the Christmas season will be with us. Come and join the band on a rehearsal evening, enjoy the music on offer then during the break free drinks and snacks as well. You can also pop along to hear us at Beamish, just ask us for a lift, while you are at one of our rehearsals, if we have a spare seat or three you can come along as our guest for the day. More news as we get it. 

27.10.17 More new music in folders: The band has splashed out again on more new music in preparation for next year’s concerts. This, along with a great deal of other pieces we have in the library, should make the new season of concerts should go down very well. The next problem we have is being able to play some very tricky stuff and making it sound right while entertaining to the people listening to us. Our M.D. Keith was taken ill last week and he ended up in hospital so the baton has been handed over to the very capable Peter Bemrose (Clarinet). Peter has a vast amount of expertise both playing Clarinet, Bass Guitar and conducting so the band will be in very good hands in the run up to our concerts at Beamish later in the year. Dave Prest M.D. at Northallerton Silver Band has also volunteered to give Peter a hand, now and again, for the next few weeks. We have got some great things in the pipe-line to take us through to the end of the year and into next year. Pop in on a rehearsal evening to see what is going on with the band. Bring your wind instrument along, if you wish, sit in and see if you enjoy it as much as we do. Free hot drinks and snacks are available during the break, if you can get past the rest of the band chomping away. More news as we get it so do call back again to see what’s new.

04.10.17 New music season starts: As one season finishes another one starts. The band has now started to look at more new music for next year along with some new music for the Christmas season. Yes, it's started already but it's good to play new and interesting things that we have never seen before even if some of us think that it is a bit early. Provisional bookings for next year have started to come in so keep an eye on our Facebook page or this website to read all about them, when they are confirmed. We still have a few empty chairs within the band, could one of them have your name on it? Pop in any rehearsal evening and see what you think. Do you play Trombone or Bass, for instance, if so then we'd love to hear from you? If you are thinking about having a function in 2018 then now is a great time to contact us in order to get your provisional booking in. Call back again later to keep up to date with our band, news as it happens, not weeks or months later like some other groups.

20.09.17 Music for 2018: That's the summer concert season done for this year. We are now looking at some music for next year and already things are looking good. We’ve got some new sounds coming your way along with a few surprises to keep our followers entertained. It won’t be long until our M.D. has the Christmas music out so we are making the most of what’s left in the music folders after a good clear out. It was nice to see people call in for a rehearsal with us last night. Most people will be made very welcome should they wish to drop in on a rehearsal evening any Tuesday. Free hot and cold drinks along with biscuits or cake are on offer during the break as well. You could always just drop in for a listen, if you fancy it. If you have your own wind instrument and enjoy playing then get in touch and ask what we could offer you. You don’t need any musical grades and age is not a barrier to play along with us, not like some other bands in the area. We enjoy getting together once a week, the atmosphere is very relaxed and very friendly. Pop over and see for yourself. More news as we get it.

03.09.17 Saltburn Bandstand: Today saw our summer season of concerts come to an end. We gave a first class performance at Saltburn Bandstand to one of the most appreciative audiences we have seen in a while. From the start of the show we had people singing, one Lady wanted to sing with the band so we gave her a microphone and she blew us away with her great voice while the band played.  That started the ball rolling and we just couldn’t stop those there singing to just about everything we played. What a great afternoon’s performance it turned out to be. Our own vocalist, Peter Bemrose, gave a fantastic performance that had people stopping to listen as they walked along the footpath next to the Bandstand. The remarks afterwards came thick and fast. People told us that they loved the concert we performed for them as it wasn’t just a run of the mill thing that they had heard other bands play. We put on a show and entertained everyone there. People will remember today’s performance for a long time and for all the right reasons. It's no wonder some other bands try to copy us, what a great day everyone had.

28.08.17 Great Broughton Carnival: A great day in smashing sunshine was the order for today at Great Broughton Carnival. Hundreds of people turned out to see what was on offer as well as to listen to two very good bands. Northallerton Silver Band opened the carnival, marching from the cross roads in the village onto the show ground. Cleveland Concert Band then performed a first class concert with people in audience shouting and clapping for more, that was just after the 2nd piece!! It was noticed that some folks started dancing to our music as it sounded that good. Once we had finished our performance Northallerton Silver Band played a fantastic programme of their choice of music. It was a pleasure to be part of the carnival again today, our sixth appearance in as many years. To top it all, it was confirmed today that we will be attending the same venue next year as well as in 2019. We must be doing something right for that to happen. The band would like to thank everyone involved with today’s carnival for inviting us again. We very much look forward to seeing you all again next year.

23.08.17 Great Broughton & Saltburn: The Band is now ready for the next two bookings, one at Great Broughton on the 28th then Saltburn on the 3rd September.  Two concerts with a matter of days between them, two different programmes as well. The band have worked very hard to get both programmes up to concert standard and are looking forward to performing them at the relevant venues. The Carnival at Great Broughton looks to be a very entertaining day with lots going on, it starts with a parade at 2p.m.. There will be two bands there on the day, including us. Saltburn early next month should have the audience joining in with some of the songs we will be performing. Pop along with the family for two great days out and have a listen to the band. Don’t forget your picnic.

29.07.17 New Timps Arrive: The Band are now the proud owners of a set of Timpani. These will be used on our future rehearsals plus concerts and are sure to enhance the sound of the band. If you would like to be part of a forward looking, happy, friendly Windband based in Middlesbrough then do get in touch either via this website, our dedicated band phone number or by contacting us via our Facebook page. All our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience.

23.07.17 Beamish: Not long to go until the band call over to Beamish again. We are all looking forward to playing on the Town Bandstand in the magnificent setting that only Beamish Museum can give. If you would like to join us on our trip then please contact us via our e-mail address or call in one rehearsal evening but don’t forget your instrument. We always enjoy our time at Beamish Museum so fingers crossed for sunshine to go with some great music. See the Concerts Page for further details. More news soon.

09.07.17 Disabled Games: A great fun, family day was on the cards at Eston Sports Academy, Normanby Rd, South Bank, Middlesbrough today. The place was buzzing with people doing their thing for disabled sports. The car park was so full people had to park on the road outside. The band played during the very warm afternoon to entertain everyone there. It couldn't have been a better day. We'd like to thank the Rotary Club for inviting us and for those who came up to us to thank us for the live music. The main thing was the hundreds of disabled sports people who turned up to enjoy what was on offer and to give it their all. Well done everyone, we hope to see you all again some time. What a great day. 

07.06.17 Scouts Fundraiser: A Fundraising evening will take place at our home in Saint Alphonsus Church Hall, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough TS3 6EW on Saturday 17th June. There will be loads of things going on in the hall from 7p.m. onwards. Pie & Peas are on offer for the price of an entry ticket of just £5 per adult and £2:50 per child. A raffle and tombola are also on offer amongst other things. The band is very pleased to help support this event and will be playing during the evening from about 8 p.m. Come along for a great night of entertainment while supporting the local Scouts. A great evening is guaranteed for all. Don’t forget to check out our other bookings on the Concerts Page. More up to date news as we get it.

24.05.17 Take Heart Concert: The Charity Fundraising Concert for the ‘Take Heart Group’ last night at Great Ayton was a tremendous success. From the very first note of the concert, everything was so much appreciated by the audience. There was nearly a full house again this year in the concert room at the club. A Clarinet feature went down a storm, far better than we could have imagined it would. Petchers hot Pie & Peas seemed better than ever during the interval, some members of the band couldn’t get enough of them. We had some dancers up entertaining everyone again this year, what a show we put on.We have already been asked back again next year by the organisers. The date is to be confirmed by their committee later in the year. The only draw-back on the night was our M.D.’s jokes. He really must stop reading comics and branch out a little…ha-ha. Please send any jokes for the next concert to the band via our e-mail address; we’ll pass them on for you. We would like to thank Ian at Take Heart for inviting us to play for them again this year. Petchers for the fantastic p & p’s and we’d also like to thank Great Ayton Working Men’s Club for the use of their large concert room. Thanks must also go to everyone who came along and supported both Take Heart & the band on what turned out to be another fantastic event. More news as we get it. 

14.05.17 Saltburn Concert: Today saw our first concert of the year. Very sunny and warm Saltburn was the venue. The only slight problem we had was the odd gust of wind that we had to contend with at times. The concert today was to a very appreciative audience. The audience was far bigger than we expected as well, it was only the 2nd concert of the year at Saltburn Bandstand.  Our Clarinet section did a terrific job today when they played a piece called ‘Clarinet Cocktail’. It’s not easy at the best of times but today the boss decided to speed it up, just a little. The clarinet’s didn’t bat an eye-lid and took it in their stride. The audience loved it and wanted more of the same. The concert was over in no time at all for everyone at the Bandstand this afternoon but we would have loved to continue. Time went so quick for everyone. The amount of people talking to our M. D. and some band members afterwards, saying how much they had enjoyed it was terrific. What a great afternoon it turned out to be. Thank you Saltburn and the 500 club for inviting us to play for you, see you again very soon. Our next concert will take place at Great Ayton on Tuesday 23rd May. Check out the Concerts Page for more details.  

09.05.17 Sunday 14th: The first concert of the year is just a few short days away now. Sunday 14th May is the date for our opening performance at Saltburn Bandstand. Rehearsals are complete and the band are sounding great so perhaps it would be a good idea to call over to Saltburn to hear what we have been up to over the last few weeks. There will be something for everyone to enjoy so bring your snacks and have a great afternoon with us at Saltburn. Hope to see you there. Tickets for our concert at Great Ayton on the 23rd May seem to be going fast but we do have a few still for sale. Check out our Concerts Page for details on how to get yours.

02.05.17 Next Concert: We kick off our concert season this year performing at Saltburn Bandstand on Sunday 14th May from 2:30p.m. We hope to see you there, come along to see our new set-up for this year while hearing some great entertaining music, fingers crossed for good weather on the day. Tuesday 23rd May will see us at Great Ayton Working Men's Club for a charity evening with Take Heart. Tickets for this event are only £6 each and are in demand. Check out the Concerts Page for more details about all our bookings and how to get your tickets. 

29.03.17 Trombone: We are now looking for another Trombone player. One of our trombone players, Jonathan, has informed us that he needs to move on in order to concentrate on his family life as well as his other musical commitments. Jonathan also plays for Billingham Silver Band, the Salvation Army and is also in charge of the Salvation Army Junior Band so with that, along with home life and his full time job, he has quite a lot on.  Jonathan has been with us for a good few years playing Euphonium when he first started with us and then moving to trombone to help the band. We wish Jonathan all the very best for the future, thank him for everything he has done for the band and hope to see him again some time. The Members Page has been updated to show this vacancy.

21.03.17 New Booking: The Band has been invited to play at a fundraising evening for the Scouts at our home here in St Alphonsus Church Hall in June. Tickets for this great event are only £5 per adult and £2:50 per child. More details are on our Concerts Page. Check it out along with our other bookings. We still have a few dates free for bookings. If you are thinking about having a function then you can provisionally book the band via our dedicated contact number or e-mail address. Get your booking in now before we are fully booked for this year.

14.03.17 Just gets better: The band seems to be getting better than ever according to our M.D. during the rehearsal tonight. The music certainly feels and sounds like we could be putting on some, ‘not to be missed’ performances when we start our concert season later this year. The newly added techno bass sound that we have in a lot of the new music is working better than we expected. Come along to a rehearsal any Tuesday evening and see what you think. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are and if we sound as good to you then why not sit in some time for a rehearsal with us? Others have done just that and are still with us. Don’t be shy, give us a try. More up to date news soon.

07.03.17 Cookie Monster?: The rehearsal this even was a cracker although we did have one or two people missing due to illness. Angus had his photo taken for the band Facebook Page and his new profile on the members page, take a look at it and see why he has made such a great impression on the band. We have a new name for one of our Clarinet players, "Cookie Monster" Kate Caruana We have never seen her move so fast at the break in the rehearsal. Before you could say, "Crotchet" Kate was up and had already opened the biscuits, eaten half of one and managed to put the kettle on. !! What a star she was, the band had very hot Tea & Coffee in no time at all tonight, they also managed a few biscuits that 'Cookie Monster' had missed. If you would like to pop in on a rehearsal evening then get in touch with us, you will get free tea/coffee and some biscuits, if we have any left. More news as we get it. 

01.03.17 Welcome Angus: We would like to say a BIG HELLO to another new band member. Angus joins our growing Clarinet section. Angus called in to see us a few weeks ago, just for a quick play and to see what it was like. He soon made friends with everyone and settled in as though he'd been with us for years. Angus has particularly made quite an impression with the ladies of the band so he will not be short of biscuits or cups of tea being made for him during the break in rehearsals. More about Angus is on our Members Page. The rehearsals are going much better than we expected for this time of year with the new music in the folders is going down a treat. We are all looking forward to our first performance of the year in just a few short weeks.  More news as we get it so call back again soon to see what’s new.

14.02.17 We didn't have much time for a full rehearsal this evening due to our Band A.G.M. taking place. There were loads of things to discuss with some great ideas from the band members to take us forward into the next year. The Chairman, Dave Stones, was re-elected for another year and we now have a new Youth Representative on the board, Miss Rebecca Keay. Things are moving fast within the band with everyone adding their own bit to keep the band buzzing. There are a few new things in the pipe-line so keep an eye on here for more news as we get it. Would you like to be part of a very happy windband? Get in touch any time or just pop in to see us. All our contact details are on our Home Page for your convenience.

07.02.17 Rehearsals continue: We are well on course to make this years concerts better than ever. We have added a Bass Guitar, in places, to help enhance the sound of the band.(Will other bands copy us again this year?) The band are sounding good now but with a few more rehearsals they should sound even better. The M.D. walked away after the rehearsal tonight with a big smile on his face, that's not normal. Should we be afraid or has he got something up his sleeve he hasn't told us about? It was nice to see someone call in for a blow with the band tonight, quite unexpected but very enjoyable. Free tea/coffee with snacks went down very well again, as normal. If you fancy calling in to see us during a rehearsal night then you will be made very welcome. Age or having no musical grades is not a problem to us. Don't be shy, give us a try, you will be happy that you did.

01.02.17 As one leaves one joins: The Band is always sorry to see one of their players leave our happy group and today is no exception. Amy Clarkstone on Alto Sax has left the band to head over to Canada to be with her Fiancé and to start a new chapter in her life. We are all sad to see her go but wish her well for her future. Amy has been a great asset to the band since she joined us. Good luck from everyone here Amy.  As one person leaves another one joins us. We are excited to welcome Michael Morrison into our happy group. Michael popped in to see us a few weeks ago and has now decided to join us full time on Trumpet. Mike lists running and walking as part of his hobbies. Mike has already settled in and made some great new friends. Enjoy your time with us Michael, welcome to the band. The Members Page has again been updated to show these changes.

13.01.17 Need live music for your event?: If you are thinking about having a live concert band for a function that you may be planning in 2017 then now could be a good time to contact us. We can take provisional concert bookings over the phone or by e-mail. All our contact details are on our Home Page for your convenience. If you would like to pop in on a rehearsal evening to have a listen and a chat to us about your requirements then call over any time. 

03.01.17 It's Our Birthday !!: Cleveland Concert Band is Ten Years old today, -3rd January- It doesn't feel as though it has been ten years since that first rehearsal with just a few players. The band have done a great deal in those short years. We have entertained thousands of people in our short time together and we are getting booked for the same places over and over again. We have been invited to play at many places in the North East of England. The amount of music we have now got is 100 times what we started with. We have managed to buy two sets of good music stands, (one for concerts), our own band trailer, amps, microphones, speakers, a few instruments and we have also produced two C.D.'s. There isn't another band in our area who can say that they have done so much in such a short space of time. Our many followers have enjoyed the entertainment we have provided and have asked that we continue to entertain them year after year. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped and supported the band over our first ten years, without you we couldn't have done any of the above. Thank you all and here's to many more years of great live entertainment.

01.01.17 It's 2017: Happy New Year !!..... Time to start rehearsing for this years shows. There's loads to do, more new music to look at, songs to sort out, solos to rehearse and all while having a great time. You can be part of all this if you fancy playing with a Concert Windband. All we ask is that you have your own instrument and enjoy playing music. No musical grades? You don't need any to play music with us. Contact us for further details. There’s free tea or coffee along with biscuits and cakes during a mid-rehearsal break as well. Don’t be shy, give us a try.

News from 2016

14.12.16 The next rehearsal will take place on Tuesday 3rd January. Have a very happy Christmas everyone. 

10.12.16 B.B.C. Concert: A full house of over 1,500 people seemed the order of the day today for the annual B.B.C. Carols for Christmas concert held at Coulby Newham Cathedral in Middlesbrough. This concert was dedicated to Ali Brownlee who was a presenter on B.B.C Tees. Ali sadly passed away earlier in the year. Ali was known as “Mr Middlesbrough” by the local football fans because of his dedication to the football club. After a sound check and balance the band kicked the occasion off with a few well known Christmas selections as the audience arrived. It didn’t take long for the Cathedral to be full to the brim with members of the public, guest speakers, choirs along with other performers. There wasn’t one empty seat to be had. The band accompanied each Carol with the sound filling every corner of the building and beyond. It was such a pleasure to be part of this very special occasion. The Nunthorpe Primary Topline Performing Arts Group with their M.D. Chris Nixon sang like Angels as they sang “Love Shone Down”. The applause afterwards was amazing. The Dalesmen Singers had the same response from everyone there after they had sung their first number. Other performers included, ‘Cantabile’ a great sounding small choir, Vin Garbutt on guitar and James Lilly with Abi Alton who sang the lovely duet, “Hallelujah”. We would like to thank Elaine Webster and B.B.C. Tees for inviting the band to take part in such a moving concert. This concert will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. This now brings another year of our concerts to a close. A few photos from today have been added to our photos page. From all the Cleveland Concert Band to everyone out there, have a great, safe and very happy Christmas. We look forward to entertaining you again next year.  

10.11.16 B.B.C. update: Now that the B.B.C. booking has been confirmed, we are able to give you more details. We are pleased to inform our followers that the band will be taking part in the B.B.C. annual Carol Concert to be held on Saturday 10 December at 2pm. This will take place at St Mary’s Cathedral, Coulby Newham in Middlesbrough.  The B.B.C. put on this annual fundraiser on behalf of Children in Need and Cleveland Concert Band is delighted to be part of the programme this year. The concert will be recorded on the date mentioned and will be broadcast on Christmas Day Morning! If you would like to be part of the audience at this great fundraising event then you get your tickets from St Mary's Cathedral in Coulby Newham, or by calling the B.B.C. Tees reception on 01642 22 55 11. We have also been informed that Abi Alton will be singing with us on the day. More news as we get it.

29.10.16 Band asked to play for the B.B.C !: The band has been approached to play for the B.B.C. They have asked us to be part of a pre-recorded show that will be broadcast later this year. This programme, scheduled to be recorded on the 10th December, will feature the band playing for a great deal of the hour long show. More details as we get them.

18.10.16 Yes... another new player !!: The band would again like to welcome another new playing member to the family. Briony Watkinson has just joined our growing Clarinet section. Briony has been calling over for a few rehearsals, making some great new friends along the way. Briony doesn't like chocolate amongst other things. Read all about her via our updated Members Page. More new music was looked at tonight with some interesting results. The saxes are going to be playing a few new features, once we have sorted the right fingerings out. Ben on Tenor sax had the band in stitches tonight as he 'forgot' to play most of the accidentals in one piece. How he kept a straight face afterwards we will never know. Call in to visit us any rehearsal evening, see what you think. More up to date news as we get it.

11.10.16 Another new player !!: The band would like to give a very warm welcome to a young lady who first listened to us at Great Broughton back in May of this year. Rebecca Keay then called in, with her father, a while ago to see us and to sit in on rehearsals. Rebecca has continued to call over for the last month or so and has now decided to take the plunge, joining us as a full time playing member. We are so pleased to have you with us as part of our growing Saxophone section Rebecca. The Members Page has again been updated. More news as we get it.

01.10.16 Season finished: As one musical season comes to a close another one starts. We have already taken enquiries from a few people asking about dates for Christmas. Now is a very good time to get your provisional booking in. The band is also looking at venues for a band party later in the year. If last year’s knees up was anything to go by then this year should be another cracker. It’s nice to be able to relax a little more during rehearsals and not have to think about the next performance being only a week or two away. We have plenty of time to look at all the new music along with some other stuff in the library that we have not had out for years. Fancy joining us on a rehearsal evening? No music grades or have you only been playing for a short time? No problem to us, we welcome most players, no matter what your grade or experience. Free Tea, Coffee, soft drinks & biscuits/cake along with a good old friendly natter are also on offer during our half time break. It will not cost you a penny to sit in on our rehearsal evenings. You will be in good company while having a great musical evening out. Pop along, see what you think.  

24.09.16 What a night !!: The show at North Ormesby in Middlesbrough last night was a great success. Not a full house but we managed to raise just short of £500 towards a new Power Chair for Middlesbrough Power Chair Football Club and to keep Cath kicking. We have never seen so many up and dancing to “The Time Warp” at one of our shows and they did a fantastic job. The tea/coffee and soft drinks went down a treat as did the home-made chocolate biscuits. Keith, the M.D. managed to get hold of two and woofed them down thinking that no one saw him. Hard luck Keith, we noticed. We’d like to thank everyone who turned up to be part of our last show this summer. The backroom people did a great job keeping the hot drinks going, the raffle tickets that were a sell out and the tombola that made a lot of money for a very good cause. More photos have again been added to our photo’s page.  Now it is time to sort the music folders out and to start on loads of new musical purchases so we are ready for the next season of entertainment. More good ideas have been put forward by the band members so we can add some of them to the programmes making them more fun to perform. The band have already started taking bookings for next year so, now may be a good time for you to get your provisional booking in if you are thinking of doing something in the future. Call in to see us for a cuppa and a chat during a rehearsal evening, contact us via our dedicated band phone number, e-mail us or leave us a message via our Facebook and Twitter pages. All our contact details are on our ‘Home Page’ for your convenience. Call back again soon to read more up to date news.

20.09.16 Two new players + next concert: The band is very pleased to welcome two new players into our happy group.  Judith Hall joins our flute section and Gordon Chiverton joins or growing sax section. Both players have a great wealth of musicianship from playing with other bands and groups over the years. Judith & Gordon called over a few weeks ago just to see what we sounded like. They’ve never been missing from a rehearsal since. Gordon already has the nick-name of, “Gap Filler” because he has sat in so many seats within the band. Whilst people have been on holidays, Gordon has picked up various instruments and enjoyed the rehearsals just as much as normal hence the nick-name. The Members Page has again been updated so check it out to see what's new. Don’t forget that our next concert takes place on Friday 23rd September. See the Concerts Page for more details.

06.09.16 We have been busy: The band have been very busy over the last few weeks rehearsing as well as giving no less than four great concerts. Beamish, Ropner Park, Great Broughton and Saltburn have all seen the band out and about. The concert at Beamish Open Air bandstand on the 7th August saw the band playing to a great audience in fantastic sunshine. Peter Bemrose, (Clarinet) Conducted for this performance and did an excellent job on the day. He always does though but please don’t tell him that! The concert went so well, people kept asking us when we would be back. Your will have to keep an eye on this website to find the answer to that, in time.

The second of our concerts took place at Ropner Park on the 21st August under the direction of Mr. Vaughan Evens from Billingham Silver Band. Vaughan had the band playing like professionals and made a great impression on the band and audience alike. We’d like to thank Vaughan for taking the time out from his very busy schedule in order to rehearse and take the band for this concert.

Great Broughton, on the 29th August, saw the return of our M.D. Keith, from his mini break. Great Broughton had their annual carnival and the band provided some of the entertainment on the day. Thousands flocked to see what was happening and to enjoy the sunny, warm atmosphere. The band made such a good impression on the organisers and crowd, we have been asked to return again every year……for the next five years!! We must be doing something right for that to happen.

Saltburn concluded our summer concerts on Sunday 4th of this month. We all got to the bandstand ready to play and fix up just as the heavens opened. This concert had to be moved to the church but that didn’t stop those there enjoying another great show. One of our band vocalists, (Beth) gave a first class performance of two very well-known songs. These had the audience singing along making this concert very special. The sun came out again at half time, just our luck. What a bit of a busy few weeks we have had and so very enjoyable for everyone involved with them. Our next concert is a fundraising function that is to take place at our home here in North Ormesby on the 23rd of this month. Please see our Concerts Page for further details.

Some photos from all our concerts and days out have now been added to the band Photos Page on this website. Call back again soon to see what more is new.

04.08.16 More new music: To keep things up to date we have just ordered seven new pieces of music. Some classical and some very modern that was in the charts not that long ago. We've also asked for one piece that will include our very own dancers on a concert giving some more great moves. It's going to be great fun as we try the new music out while trying to get the right dance moves put together. This will happen after we have completed our summer concert bookings. Check out the Concerts Page to see if we are going to be near you. Our next two bookings are at Beamish and Ropner Park. Come along for a great day out. More news as we get it.

20.07.16 Want to play music?: The Band is looking for new and enthusiastic players of any age. All we ask is that you enjoy playing music alongside others of various age groups and abilities. Other bands ask that you have some sort a musical grade before you join them. We don’t expect people to have any grades at all and we don’t expect you to join a band that doesn’t let you sit and listen to them or have a go at playing any time during a rehearsal evening. We’ll even let you try your hand at conducting, if we have the time! We believe in helping those who may struggle a little bit and we also believe in having lots of fun while enjoying what we do. If you are interested, no matter what your age or ability, then please call our dedicated band phone number and tell us what you would like to do. Transport for those who live local and don’t have their own may also be arranged at no cost to you. People can call over and listen or join in as often as they wish without having to join the band. There’s free tea or coffee along with biscuits and cakes during a mid-rehearsal break as well. Don’t be shy, give us a try.

12.07.16 Not Long Now: The Band don’t have long to go for their next concert. Just a few short weeks then we will be at Beamish Open Air Museum. Rehearsals have gone very well so far. We are giving one of our Saxophones the opportunity to play their very first solo with us on the day. It should be a great day for everyone. Come along for a family day out, take a look around and listen to the band, next to the café. See the Concerts Page for more details. More news as we get it.

27.06.16 Band Phone Update: The Band phone has now been fixed and normal service can resume. We have a new number so please check the Home Page to make sure you have got it right before calling us.

22.06.16 Band Phone Number: The Band phone seems to have a problem, we are aware of this. It looks like the SIM card has burnt out. The phone can no longer take texts or hold messages for us. We hope to have this problem sorted out within the next few days when we will post a new number on this website and our Facebook page. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. The band e-mail is not affected and can be used as normal. More news as we get it.

10.06.16 More music: The rehearsal on Tuesday saw more new music drop into the folders to rehearse for the next concert. We've had a request from one of our followers for a bit more of Glenn Miller. The band love it even though there is a good bit of work to go yet in order to have it concert ready. We are also looking at a very nice Alto Sax solo that already sounds great. If you would like to hear what we are doing on a Tuesday during a rehearsal call in. We'll provide you with tea or coffee while you have listen. You could join in as well, if you bring your instrument. More news very soon so keep calling back to see what is new with the band.

02.06.16 Good Luck Lucy & Zoe: We would like to say a big "THANK YOU" and "Good Luck" to two of our playing members who have left us this month. Lucy on Flute and Zoe on Bassoon have now left us to take up new jobs well outside our area. The band will miss both players very much and the rehearsals will never be the same without Zoe saying, “You honestly want me to play this right now!” Lucy, being a teacher, has found a new school in Harrogate and we are sure that Lucy will not have a problem finding a new band to play for, if she can find the time after all her marking, setting new lessons up, all the meetings she will need to attend as well as keeping the new house as she would like it. Zoe works as a vital part of our NHS and is going a lot further south. Zoe is going to be over worked a lot more but she is sure that her new job will be very rewarding.  Everyone here at Cleveland Concert Band wish both Lucy & Zoe all the luck in the world for their future.  These moves now leave the band with a few vacant seats so if you fancy calling over to either have a listen or join in on a rehearsal evening to see what you think then you will be made very welcome.  Most brass or woodwind instrument players, regardless of age or ability are invited and welcome to come in to see us any Tuesday evening. Please read the details on our Home Page or the Map to see how to get to us. More news as we get it.

18.05.16 Two great performances: The band had two bookings over the last few days and both bookings went very well. The first booking was at Saltburn Bandstand on Sunday 15th. We had glorious sunshine and a very appreciative audience for the concert. The band gave a first class performance along with one of our vocalists, Beth, who sang four very popular songs from her repertoire. The concert went down very well with people saying how good and different it was from the normal concerts held at this venue. “The band just didn’t give a concert, they entertained everyone.” The 2nd booking this week was for our friends at “Take Heart” on Tuesday 17th. This charity had booked us on no less than nine other occasions in the past so we must be doing something right to be asked to entertain them again this year. The Great Ayton Working Men’s Club was the venue with the band putting on the best show they have performed to date. We had a full house with people coming from as far as Thirsk in the south to Sunderland in the north to see what was on offer this year. The band didn’t disappoint anyone and the show went down so well we had been booked again for next year well before we had finished our performance on the night. The band had people dancing, singing and joining in with just about everything they did. The atmosphere in the club was electric, we also had the bar staff dancing as they did their jobs. The Pie & Peas during the interval, provided by the famous local butchers, Petchers, went down a treat with the band members getting a few extra helpings, just to keep their strength up you understand. Our M.D. Keith was that happy with how things went on the night he never shut up about it until everyone had started to go home! We are not 100% sure when he managed to calm down as it has been reported to us that the band Chairman along with other band committee members got texts the following two days saying how much Keith had enjoyed the bands performance.  We’d like to thank those who took part in our first two performances of the year, the organisers, the people who came to listen and everyone behind the scenes making sure everything went to plan. What a great few days for the band, can they get any better? Why not come along to listen to a rehearsal or concert to find out? More news as we get it.

10.05.16 Band are Buzzing: The band is now ready and can't wait for the next few days to pass. Sunday 15th May being their first concert of the year. The last rehearsal is now complete with everything is in place so we can give everyone a show to remember, for all the right reasons. Come along to Saltburn on Sunday and enjoy what the band has to offer. Hope to see you there. 

29.04.16 Just about ready: It's nearly here, that date in our concert diary when our first show & concert takes place. Two rehearsals left in order to get everything just right for you happy people. Things are looking very good so far with the bands own vocalists, dancers and the rest of the band all geared up ready to entertain you.  Saltburn is in for a treat on Sunday 15th May. The charity, Take Heart, is also in for a great surprise this year when we entertain them on Tuesday 17th May. Tickets for this concert are going fast. If you would like to attend this event then all the details are on our Concerts Page.  More up to date news as we get it so call back again soon to see what’s new.

14.04.16 New Concert Season: The new concert season is just three short weeks away. We start our season off with a performance at Saltburn Bandstand on the 15th May before going to Great Ayton two days later. The band are just about ready for these concerts and they will be a ‘not to be missed’ performance. We have more new up to date music as well as the good old favourites along with our very own vocalist keeping your feet tapping as you enjoy the shows. Keith, our M.D. has told us that he is so looking forward to the concerts because we have done so well during rehearsals. He has threatened to put his hand into his very deep pockets and buy the band a drink after the concert at Great Ayton. We are not sure if he means just the one drink between us or one each. He can’t be very well so we are going to make the most of it and pre-order the band drinks before we start the concert. We hope to see some new people in the audience as well as our regular followers again this year. Pop along and hear some great tunes while enjoying a day/night out. Call back later for more up to date news as we get it.

02.04.16 New Players?: We still have a few spare seats within the band and would welcome more new happy part time musicians, of any age. Due to people going to University, moving away and finding new jobs outside our area we are looking for people to fill a few empty seats. If you play a wind instrument, brass or reed then your local, Middlesbrough based, windband would love to hear from you. Call in to see us or contact us at any time to see what we are like and what we do. Don't be shy-give us a try. 

22.03.16 Requests...: We have had a couple of requests from our followers over the last few days. People have asked us if we could include our vocalists along with some of the music that we featured in a concert a few years ago. This is for the Take Heart Group concert and show in May of this year. The band is delighted to get such requests and will make sure that everything that has been asked for will be included in this year’s performance. Rehearsals for this and other concerts continue and we hope to have the final programme(s) in order and ready very soon. Tickets for the Take Heart concert are now on sale, check the concerts page for more details.

15.03.16 Next Concert?...: The band is getting along quite nice with the rehearsals for the next two concerts. The sound is quite a bit better than this time last year and it shows. After our publicity and interview on a local radio station the other day we have had some people call over to hear what we are like, we’ve also had a couple of people sit in for a blow with us. That was nice of them. This year’s concerts are only ‘around the corner’ as they say. There seems to be a lot still to do but we are sure that we will get the required results when needed.  We are still on the lookout for more enthusiastic part time players so why not call over, as others have done, and see what you think about us? We always manage a laugh and thoroughly enjoy every rehearsal, even the boss’s jokes make us chuckle. They are terrible at times but don’t tell him will you? If you would like to hear what was said on the radio about Cleveland Concert Band  then please click here. More news as and when get it so do call back again soon.

01.03.16 Vocalists Wow...: The bands own vocalists have now started to put a few new songs together ready for our first concert of the year. The rehearsal tonight gave the band an insight as to what to expect to hear. A spontaneous round of applause happened after the first song had been completed this evening. We can’t wait to have our very own band vocalists on the first concert performance of the year. The new music that we are rehearsing is also sounding good and the M.D., Keith, has told us that he’s a Happy Bunny. He even told the Flutes that they got one piece ‘Spot On and note perfect’ He can’t feel well as he never says that to any of us. It just shows how well things are going within our happy friendly band and we are a few weeks away yet from our first show/concert. It’s never too late to pop in to listen to us on a rehearsal evening or to sit in to see what you think of our type of music. All you need to do is let us know when you would like to call over. Our contact details are on our Home Page for your convenience. You don’t need to wait weeks or months to find out what our band is doing, we give you the news on here when it happens. Call back again soon to see what’s new.

24.02.16 Going well: Time is marching on and so are the rehearsals with the new programme taking shape ready for the next concert season. We have some new vocals for our own band singers to get to grips with and the band have come up with some great ideas for this year. It looks as though another band party and day out could be on the cards, when the weather is better. Ideas are being talked about again for the band to get out with friends and family’s so that we can have a full day out together ending with a meal or B.B.Q. The rounder’s bat will be on hand, as always, so another impromptu game of something can take place. We never did find that ball from the last fun day out……Sounds fun, would you like to be part of it?  More news as we get it.

08.02.16 Want to play?: The band is putting a new concert programme together after checking out the new music. Ideas have been put forward by some band members so that our performances stand out from others, for all the right reasons. Would you like to be part of a band that entertain not just play music for their audience? Other bands expect you to be up to grade 5 or more, we don't, we expect you to be able to enjoy your hobby no matter what grade, age or ability. If you are 8years old or 98, if you have only been playing for a year or so it doesn't matter to us just as long as you can read music to a moderate standard. If you have your own wind instrument and fancy calling over to listen to us or to join in on a rehearsal then get in touch. All our contact details are on this website for you. Don't be shy, give us a try.

03.02.16 New Secretary: We will be updating our concert bookings just as soon as we have confirmed a few more details with those involved. The band had their A.G.M. last night and now has a new band Secretary. Beth Cochran on Trombone takes over from Kate Caruana, Principal Clarinet, who has been doing the job for the last year. Kate decided that due to her full time job being so hectic that it was the right time to hand her band job over to another person. We'd like to thank Kate for doing a great job for us and we wish Beth all the luck in the world in her new post. As all musicians will know, the secretary’s job can be the hardest job in any band. The person stood at the front has the easiest job because we hardly take any notice of him anyway unless he is first at the bar after a concert. If you would like to pop in and see what the person in the middle does then call over on any rehearsal evening. Our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience  More news as we get it.

15.01.16 New Music: Rehearsals are now well underway with no less than ten new pieces of music to look at. The band are now starting to put things together for new programmes along with ideas for more exciting entertainment. We've got something new on the cards that is sure to get people talking at our concerts. You will have to wait for a little bit so the band can put everything together and things are just right. Call back later for more up to date news as it happens.

01.01.16 Happy New Year: Cleveland Concert Band would like to wish everyone a very Happy 2016. Our first rehearsal of the new year will take place on Tuesday 5th. This is an open rehearsal so if you would like to have a blow with the band and you have your own wind instrument then drop in at any time, we start at 7:30 p.m. If you prefer to just sit and listen to the band then that's o.k. with us as well. More news as we get it.

News from 2015

19.12.15 Last concert done: Well, what a year we've had and we are all looking forward to doing it again in 2016. The last concert of the year was last night and we played to a packed house with people singing and dancing. It couldn't have been a better concert to finish the year off. Sadly we have had to say "Good Bye" to no less than four of our loyal band members. John Gilderoy on Trumpet who along with Battler Britton on Tenor Sax have come well over 50 miles each way to attend rehearsals, more miles doing concerts. They have now decided that it's about time the car took a well earned rest so they can see their family a bit more as well. Terry Sanger, on Alto Sax is a band member who only came to us a few years ago but due to ill health he has had to retire from banding. Les Lee on Tenor Sax is the forth person to leave us, also due to ill health. Les has been with us since the band started, he has played Clarinet, Alto Sax and Tenor Sax for us over the years and has done a great job for the band..We'd like to thank all four, John, Battler, Terry & Les for their dedication and help over the years and we wish them well for the future. We are going to miss you Guys. The Band Members Page will be updated shortly to show the changes. If you can play a Brass or Woodwind instrument and can read to a moderate standard then we would love to hear from you. You don't need to have any type of grade to play in our band, like some others. There's also no age limit so if you are eight or eighty and want to play alongside other like minded people of all ages then get in touch. All we ask is that you have your own instrument. Don't be shy, give us a try, you will be glad you did. The bands next rehearsal takes place on Tuesday 5th January 2016. Have a great Christmas everyone and we hope that the new year is good to you all. See you next year when we hope do it all again. 

11.12.15 Christmas is here: We are now into the Christmas concert season. The band will be starting Christmas off with a concert on Saturday 12th December at our home in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough. We then travel over to Hartlepool to help with a fundraising event on Sunday 13th. We have also been asked to play inside a restaurant/pub to entertain their customers while they enjoy a meal. All these concerts and more are on our Concerts Page so please take a look at what we are up to over this festive period. Due to concerts and other events, the band has already had their last rehearsal for this year. The next rehearsal will take place on Tuesday 5th January 2016. If you would like to call in to have a listen to us or to sit in on a rehearsal then we would love to see you. Please get in touch with us first so we know when to expect you. All our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience.

03.12.15 Well done Caz!: The band would like to say BIG Congratulations to our very own Carolyn Bean -clarinet- on becoming a star in our local paper today. Caz has been awarded Champion Carer in the Community Champions Roll of Honour. It doesn't stop there as her daughter, Millie, was awarded Children and Young Peoples Champion for all her work in the community along with helping Caz with the Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club. Well done both of you. 

01.12.15 Welcome Amy: The band would like to give a very warm welcome to Amy Clarkstone who has joined our Clarinet section. May your stay be a very long and happy one. To read all about Amy please see her profile on the Members Page

25.11.15 Soon be Christmas: Only a few short weeks to go until Christmas is upon us. Each band member is working hard to make sure that the remaining concerts for this year are perfect. The rehearsals are going so well we have also managed to take a look at some new music for next year! The band is very excited at the thought of playing to a packed house at our home venue here in Middlesbrough. We have been informed that every seat in the hall will be full and standing room may also be at a premium on the 12th December. The Band Christmas show is going to be a great night for everyone involved. The band has more great news to announce. We have another new player who has just joined our Clarinet section as from today. More details will be on this website soon so call back again to read what’s new. We are still looking for good competent Trumpet or brass players, if you would like to call over at any time then please get in touch. Our contact details are on the “Home Page” for your convenience.

15.11.15 Warm Beamish?: What a nice warm dry day it was when the band travelled up to Beamish Open Air Museum today. It made a very pleasant change to sit on the bandstand with our band jackets open at this time of year.  As we kicked off the Christmas concerts on the bandstand we decided that we should dress for the occasion. We even had one of the band kitted out as the man himself, Father Christmas played a Baritone today. First time that we have heard the old man in red complain that he was hot!!  The two, one hour concerts, seemed to go so fast, it was a shame when we had come to the end. Keith, (M.D.) managed to entice a few of the little ones, along with their parents, to have a go at conducting while hearing a Carol of their choice. It was a great day out for the band again. Thanks to the two Bass players from North East Concert band for volunteering to sit in with us today, we’d also like to give a big thanks to the people of Beamish Open Air Museum for inviting us to help start their Christmas festivities off again this year. Some photos of the day have been posted onto the bands Facebook Page, check them out. See the Concerts Page for more Christmas bookings. .We are now taking provisional bookings for 2016. If you are thinking about an event and you want to enhance it with live music then now could be a good time to get in touch with us. All the contact details are on our Home Page for your convenience.  

02.11.15 Not long to go: Only a few short days to go then we will be back at Beamish for our last concert at the open air museum for this year. We are helping to start the festive season off with some great, very well known, music. Come along to have a look around the museum and take in what is on offer. The festive atmosphere will be spellbinding and is sure to take you back in time to Christmas past. The band, like last year, will be dressed in festive outfits and will take requests for your favourite carols so come along for a fantastic day of festive cheer with Cleveland Concert Band at Beamish. Hope to see you there.

13.10.15 Welcome Zoe: The band would like to give a very warm welcome to another new band member. Zoe joins us on Bassoon and has been calling in for the last few weeks just to sit in on rehearsals. Zoe decided that tonight was a good time to juin us full time. We all hope that your stay with us is a long and happy one. More details about Zoe will be published on the Members Page shortly.

10.10.15 Beamish Museum: Sunshine and good music was the order of the day at Beamish Museum today. It made a very pleasant change to have the sun on our backs while on the bandstand in the town. Beamish museum was bustling with happy folk enjoying their day out with a lot of them spending time to sit and listen to the band. The music went down very well with everyone involved with today’s concert. The audience sang along to a few things without any encouragement and the band loved it. It made the journey up the motorway very worthwhile. We couldn’t have been better looked after by the helpful staff from the time we got there right up to us leaving. We’d like to thank everyone for helping us make today so good. Special thanks must go to Stephen Emerson, a good friend from the North East Concert Band who helped us out on Eb Bass. Out next trip up to Beamish is on the 15th November when we will be helping to start the Christmas festivities. Come along to see what great things will be on offer while enjoying more good music from the band. It’s a great day out for all the family. Check out the Concerts Page to see if we will be playing in your area soon.

30.09.15 Rehearsals continue: The band is well into the next programme and just about ready for the Beamish Museum performance on the 10th October. We are looking forward to entertaining everyone again at this prestigious venue. You will notice that there have been a couple of changes to the band member’s page over this month. One valued player has left the band after many happy years with us. Rosie Francis, Clarinet, has left us to attend University in Liverpool. Rosie joined the band as a young shy girl and left us as a happy young lady, time soon flies. We send Rosie all the very best wishes for a successful time in her chosen field in the next step in her career. That now means that we are looking for more happy players to join our growing membership. If you have your own wind instrument and are looking for a good happy band to play with then do get in touch with us. Some bands ask that you can already play to grade 4 or 5 (Associated Board of Music). The only thing we ask is that you can read music at a level that is not still at the beginning stages and that you are willing to enjoy a variety of different styles of music with other likeminded players. All our contact details are on the Home Page. Don’t be shy, give us a try.

01.09.15 Another New Player: Today saw another person join our happy band. Mabel Warren has decided to join us full time on Trumpet after calling over with her husband Mike (Clarinet), for the last few weeks. Mabel first played for us when she helped us out on a concert at Beamish back in July due to others being on holiday. We give Mabel a massive welcome to the band and hope she enjoys being with us for a very long time. If you would like to call over to have a listen or join in on a rehearsal then get in touch any time. All the contact details are on our Home Page for your convenience.

31.08.15 Great Broughton: After a very wet start to the carnival at Great Broughton the band managed to play for a short time between showers. It was touch and go if we could fix up but the rain stayed away long enough for us to entertain the crowds who turned up. As the last three years, we had people dancing and getting into the swing of the music despite the dull weather. Sadly, the weather got the better of us and the live music had to come to a halt. The great remarks after our stint showed that we’d done another good job for the people of Great Broughton. We’ve already been booked for next year as well. We must be doing something right for that to happen. We'd like to thank the people of Great Broughton for inviting us again and we look forward to entertaing you next year, without the rain. Our next concert takes place at Saltburn Bandstand on Sunday 6th September, come along for a listen. Hope to see you there.

27.08.15 New Player: We are very pleased to welcome Simone Ashby into the band. Simone plays French & Tenor Horn and will be a great asset to the band. Simone has a great deal of experience after playing with other bands. This happy young lady has settled in already after calling over to rehearsals for the last few weeks to see what the band are like. We hope that Simone has a long and very happy time with us. The members page has been updated again.

22.08.15 Getting Busy: We are very busy rehearsing and finalising things with the next two bookings taking place over a seven day period.  Once we have completed them we will start on our next Beamish concert before getting things sorted for the Christmas concerts. We have already had a couple of inquiries for December so if you want to get your provisional booking in then now could be a good time to get in touch with us. Christmas isn’t all that far away when you think about it, the next few short months will pass quickly. Next Tuesday, the 25th, will see an announcement on here that should bring a nice smile or two from the band members. Call back again later to see what it is. The band is currently looking for more Brass players to enhance what we already have. If you would like to call in for a listen or to join in on a rehearsal then don’t hesitate to get in touch. More news as we get it…

08.08.15 Rehearsals Continue: The band continues to rehearse during the summer holidays and is still taking bookings for later in the year. Our next two concerts will take place at Great Broughton & Saltburn. Please see the Concerts Page for further details. We have some great new ideas to look at and try out for future concerts so if you would like to be part of them then get in touch with us.

18.07.15 Beamish day out: A bit of a chilly start to the day but by the time we got to Beamish the sun was out and getting warmer. The band trailer was escorted to the bandstand for unloading so we could fix up and then the fun began. The audience was sat around the bandstand having their picnics when we started up with that great rousing march, “Liberty Bell”. The audience loved it and that set the scene for the rest of the 2hr concert. People kept stopping in the street next to the bandstand to listen to us and to take in the nostalgic music played by the band. Ice-cream was the order of the day during the short break with some members of the band making the most of it. Ben on Alto Sax couldn’t get enough of it. The band had a great day out and we are very much looking forward to our next trip to Beamish in October. Some photos have now been added to the band photos page. The bands next booking is at Great Broughton, just outside of Stokesley near Middlesbrough. We will be playing for their village carnival on Monday 31st August. Come along for a great day out for all the family.  

15.07.15 It's a Boy !! Congratulations to Kate (Flute) & Jonathan (Trombone)Wigham on the birth of their first child, George Jonathan Wigham born at 5.37a.m. today weighing 7lb 8oz.Very well done Kate and good luck to the new family for the future. Nice one Jonathan...ermmm Dad.

12.07.15 With just one rehearsal to go before the next booking the band are buzzing. Although we will have a few people on their holidays we have managed to fill the odd space or two with some very enthusiastic friends & volunteers from the North East Concert Band. They also came down for a rehearsal last week, now that’s dedication for you. It’s so nice to see other friendly part time musicians helping bands out when they can. Once we have been to Beamish on the 18th we will start on the next programme so we can have another fantastic day out at with our friends at Great Broughton. We have been invited back to play for their village carnival again this year. Bring the family along for a great day out. There will be entertainment for all the family to enjoy along with food and a licenced bar. Rehearsals will continue during the school holidays, we’d welcome most people who would like to pop in to have a listen to us or to sit in and play along with the band. Don’t be shy, give us a try. You might enjoy it as much as we do.

18.06.15 Next Concert.: The next concert will take place at Beamish Open Air Museum on the 18th July. The band is busy rehearsing for this with some new music to premier on the day.  We all hope that the day is dry and warm as the last time we called at Beamish it was winter and very cold. We will not be taking a break during the summer but will continue to rehearse each Tuesday as normal. The new C.D. is selling very well with a few orders being hand delivered to people in various parts of the local area.  If you would like one then you can still call in on a rehearsal evening, listen to the band and pick a C.D. or two up while you are there. We are also taking orders over the phone, by e-mail etc. and can send them out to you or we can hand deliver them, if more convenient. The band are still looking for more players as well so it you fancy a great evening with more like minded people then get in touch. Don’t be shy, give us a try. We'd like to pass on our thanks to Tania Hancock who has headed back up to Scotland to continue her studies. Tania called in some time ago and asked us if she could play in the band while she was down here for a short while. The band would like to wish Tania the very best of luck with her future. Thanks for being with us Tania.

31.05.15 Saltburn Concert.: Today’s concert at Saltburn took place in the church due to a chill & the rain. It was touch and go if we held it at the Bandstand but we decided that we didn’t want anyone sitting outside in the cold and getting wet. The church seemed to be the best place at the time.  We didn’t have a full church but that was to be expected due to the inclement weather. Those that did go to listen to the band did not come away disappointed. Just about every pew in the church had a few people sat listening and joining in with the entertainment on offer. The band had everyone singing and one little boy also got up and danced to a nursery rhyme number. Our vocalist, Peter Bemrose, had everyone singing along to his rendition of very popular songs. Our new C.D. was on sale for the first time and we were delighted to see people asking to buy copies to take home. The concert was another success for the band; the great comments afterwards came thick and fast as we packed up. Our M.D. Keith was surrounded by people saying how much they had enjoyed the entertainment today with one happy couple saying that they couldn’t wait for our return to Saltburn later in the year. Our next concert will take place at Beamish Open Air Museum. Please see the concerts page for more details.

19.05.15 Take Heart Charity night.: Tonight’s charity evening at Great Ayton for the 'Take Heart Support Group' was a tremendous success. There was just about a full house enjoying another great show by the band. Although we didn’t ask those there to sing along with us, they all joined in with one rousing sound that brought people in from the other bar to listen to the songs. Our M.D., Keith, used his strange sense of humour to give the audience and the band a laugh or three throughout the evening. One day he’ll get everything right…… How he managed to introduce the first piece of the night and get it wrong we don’t know, more rehearsals are needed Keith... ha-ha.  The raffle tickets seemed to fly onto the tables at a great speed making this worthwhile charity a nice bit of money. The hot pies n peas went down a treat thanks to a local butcher in Great Ayton. One or two of the band managed to get a few helpings before we started the 2nd half. Once they had mopped up the warm gravy from their faces the show continued with more thrilling music along with entertainment from our own vocalist, Peter Bemrose, who had everyone singing along with him again this year. Keith publicised our new C.D. that will be out very soon and to our surprise a few people pre-ordered and paid for them before the night was over. We must be doing something right for that to happen. We’d like to extend our thanks to the people who organised tonight’s charity event, the Great Ayton Working Men’s Club for hosting it again and to everyone who came along and supported both Take Heart and the band while having a fantastic evening again this year. We would love to do it all again next year, if we are invited. Keep calling back to see more news and to find out what the band are doing. Would you like us to entertain you? All our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience.

14.05.15 It's on its way.: It's just about here ! The long awaited 2nd C.D. from the Cleveland Concert Band is being pressed as we update this page for you. Some of you have asked us what is on it so here goes with the tracks. Fanfare for a Common Man, Bach to the Beat, A very special arrangment of Irish Blessing. A great track for the younger fans, Marching Around the Nursery, Skyfall, Sway by Michael Buble, Swinging Offenbach and Heaven featuring Puala Bailey on Alto Sax along with John Gilderoy on Flugel Horn. If all goes well, we will have it with us at our first Saltburn Concert later this month. More news as we get it so keep calling back to see what's new.

11.05.15 New C.D. complete.: At last, the 2nd of our C.D.’s has now been completed and will be on sale very soon. It’s taken some time to put together but at last, it’s done. The name for it is remaining a closely guarded secret for now but watch this space. With a little bit of luck, we are hoping to have it with us at our concert in Saltburn on the 31st of May. Failing that then we will have it ready for you shortly afterwards. We are going to give the first few of you a bargain when we do have it for sale. If you decide to buy our new C.D. then we will give you a copy of our first one for just a few pounds to go with it. You can save quite a bit of money and take a full concert home with you, to hear whenever you feel like it!! What a bargain that is. It’s all go here at the moment with our next concert only a few short days away on the 19th.  Come along to listen to the band and to see the show at the Great Ayton Working Man’s Club. All money raised will go to help the Take Heart Support Group. This group of hard working volunteers help to keep those with chest or heart problems fit and healthy in various ways. They could not keep this charity going without outside help and donations. Do pop along to the club with the family for a great night of entertainment while helping others. See our concert details for more information.

28.04.15 New Player + Take Heart.: The band would like to give a very big, warm welcome to Louise Lockhart who joins us on Tenor Saxophone. Louise called over to see us a few weeks ago and has taken the plunge to join us full time as from this evening. Louise has a wealth of experience under her belt playing Clarinet, Alto Sax as well as the Tenor sax. The Cleveland Concert Band. are so pleased to see Louise join us and hope that her stay with us a very long and happy one. The member’s page has again been updated. Tickets for the next concert, Take Heart, are now on sale, please see the concerts page for more details. Keep your eyes open for more great news as we get it.

07.04.15 New C.D.: The first two tracks of our new C.D. are to be recorded this evening in order to hear what they will sound like on the completed disc. We have taken our time to get the order of tracks just right for you and we are sure, that once the new c.d. is finished, you will enjoy every minute of it. Keep calling back for more exciting updates on what the band are doing.

13.03.15 More Confirmed Concerts: The band have just confirmed three more concerts for this year. We are pleased to announce that we will be playing at Beamish Outdoor Museum again this year. It’s so nice to be invited back to entertain everyone again at this great venue. More confirmed concerts will be added to the Concerts Page as we get them so keep calling back to see what’s new.

08.03.15 Want to play?: We are still looking for a Bass player who can read Bass Clef. All other wind instruments, including Bassoon players, are also welcome. If you have some spare time on your hands and would like to call over to see what you think about our band and the music we play then please do get in touch. Don't be shy, give us a try. 

27.02.15 First Class Concert: The band gave a first class concert this evening to a very enthusiastic audience of invited guests. The Scouts at North Ormesby in Middlesbrough asked the band to entertain them during a special evening for a reunion and presentations. As soon as the first note of the first piece was played the audience got involved in what turned out to be one of the best entertaining shows the band has performed. At one point you’d think there was a Choir in the same room, the singing was that good from over 100 people there. People of all ages joined our very own band dancers to a few of the numbers played. What a great evening it turned out to be. We’d like to thank the Scouts for asking us to entertain them along with their distinguished guests. We’d love to do it again, should we be asked. More news as we get it so do call back again soon to see what's happeneing with the Cleveland Concert Band.

24.02.15 First Concert: The band have just had their last rehearsal before the first concert of the year. We have been invited to play at a Scouts Reunion evening on Friday 27th. The music is ready, our very own band dancers are in step and the band are on top form. If this rehearsal is anything to go by then our concert season this year should be one of our best ever. We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Claire Morley -Clarinet- who leaves us this evening after many happy years with us. Claire is moving on in her life and hopes to join the forces very soon, once she has completed her exams and her last year at college. We all wish you the very best of luck for your future Claire. Call back again soon to see more up to date band news as it happens.

19.02.15 New Concerts: The band are looking at more new music for this years concert season. We try to bring you something different every year and this year we will have a special feature at some of our concerts. Rehearsals are well underway with new ideas and some new venues to be looked at. 

14.02.15 Valentines surprise: The Band would like to congratulate Karen, (Bari-Sax) and her boyfriend Martin on their engagement today. All the very best wishes to you both from everyone here at Cleveland Concert Band

12.02.15 New C.D.update: A few of the band have been to look at a recording studio today. We will also be looking at another studio soon. The band still need to confirm the date to do the recording but it could be done some time over the next few months. There's still a few things to confirm with everyone involved but, from what has been talked over today, everything should work fine. Exciting times ahead for the band and our followers. Call back again soon for further updates as we get them.

28.01.15 New C.D.: It has been announced that the band are to record a new C.D.. We've had some great feedback from our first recording with people asking when we will be doing another one. Brian Neal has already been over to the studio to see what they can do for us and a few more of the band will also be calling over shortly. This is a very exciting time for the band, we all look forward to recording some more great music for your enjoyment. Keep calling back for more updated news as we get it.

27.01.15 A.G.M. + New Player: Following the bands A.G.M. a few changes have taken place. Brian Neal has decided to stand down as Chairman after doing the job for the last few years. Brian’s replacement is Dave Stones. Karen Hinnigan has also stood down as Band Secretary after doing the job for a number of years. Karen’s replacement is Kate Caruana. Win Hall has also retired from the committee after being on it from the very first rehearsal that the band had. The band would like to thank Brian, Karen and Win for all the very hard work they have all done since taking on their respective posts. We have seen some great results due to their dedicated hard work with the band going from strength to strength. The entire band very much appreciates what has been achieved because of their outstanding support. Brian, Karen & Win remain with the band playing their respective instruments but, as Brian eloquently put it, “Will now give their help from the back benches” Thank you again to all three for everything you have done for the band while being members of the committee. We also wish our new Chairman Dave & Secretary Kate, all the luck in the world as you venture into the unknown with the thankless positions that you have volunteered to do. The band has also gained another new playing member as from tonight. Tania Hancock is in the area up until September of this year and has decided to join us on Trumpet.Tania is at University and wanted to continue playing with a local band while she was here.We are delighted that Tania picked us from a list of bands and Orchestras in the area that she could have chosen. Welcome aboard Tania and we hope that your short stay with us is a very happy musical one. The Members Page has again been updated to show the above changes.

23.01.15 Rehearsals continue: Rehearsals are now back to normal each Tuesday evening from 7:30p.m. We are looking at some more great new music and starting to get ready for the next concert season. Some new ideas for the concerts are being looked at as well. Things such as soloists on their chosen instruments other than what they play at band. We will also have more vocals this year along with some fantastic new features to keep you tapping your feet or even getting up dancing. !! There's going to be some more exciting news announced very shortly. You will need to call back to read what it is all about though as we are not saying anything, just yet. 

13.01.15 Welcome back Katherine: We are delighted to welcome back into the band Katherine Goldsbrough on Clarinet. Katherine left us a few years ago while she had a baby. Now, after having three children, Katherine has decided to return to the fold. Some of the band got quite a happy surprise when Katherine walked into the rehearsal room last week. It’s great to see you back with us Katherine. The Members Page  has again been updated.