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This page will give you all the latest news from the Cleveland Concert Band as we get it, not weeks or months after it has happend. Don't forget to take a look at or sign our guestbook folks, the link is on our Home Page for your convenience. You can also follow us via FacebookOur first band C.D. is still on sale at £3 and can be purchased either by contacting us via this website or by ringing us on our dedicated contact number. Our NEW C.D. is on sale at £6:99 Orders can be sent by post or you could call in on one of our rehearsals, listen to the band and buy a C.D or two while you are there. We will have both our C.D's with us at our concerts throughout the year.. All our contact details are on the Home Page for your convenience..

Can you play music and do you have your own wind instrument? If you can play to a moderate standard then we would like to hear from you. Age is not a problem just as long as you enjoy meeting new people while playing good entertaining music. We will never turn anyone away who wishes to play a wind instrument and doesn't have a musical grade, not like some other local bands. Get in touch at any time or call over during a rehearsal evening to see what you think, you will not be disappointed. Donít be shy, give us a try, you will be glad you did.

News from 2023

03.09.23 Saltburn Concert. What glorious weather we had again today for our second concert of the weekend at Saltburn Bandstand. The audience filled the seats and we even had people stood at the back on the footpath listening to us. Audience members were seen dancing and singing along to the songs they knew from movies and stage shows. Our MD Ben made a surprise appearance for a few pieces of the first half, as he wasn't meant to be there due to work. However his love for music and the band just couldn't keep him away so he turned up early and conducted before handing the baton over to his wonderful assistant Diane. Diane has only been conducting the band for just coming up to a year and what an amazing job she is doing. With the guidance of Ben, she is learning new things and helping to keep the band staying strong when Ben has to work. We thank Ben and Diane for the amazing work and effort they put in to help keep the band together and sounding amazing for concerts. Our Next engagement is 12th November at Middlesbrough Cenotaph for the Remembrance Day Service. With the band playing from around 10.30, with the service taking part at 11am.

02.09.23 Kildale Concert. The band enjoying playing at Kildale and have even started taking part in some of the activities that are around. The weather was a lot better than last week and was on our side with the glorious sunshine. With a programme suited for everyone we had people sat around enjoying the sun and a picnic while listening to music from Disney movies such as Frozen and Oliver as well as some slow chill music such as Greg's morning. The band enjoyed their afternoon and were looking forward to the following day, playing at Saltburn. 

27.08.23 Ropner Park Concert. What a wet and washed out day we had at Ropner Park today. Even though the weather was miserable and wet it didn't dampen the spirits of the band and the audience we had. We managed to get through a good portion of our programme before the last part of the concert was called off due to the horrible rain that didn't want to give way and clear. Apart from the horrible weather, we still had audience members dancing a long and enjoying the afternoon. We hope the rain holds off for our next concerts at Kildale and Saltburn.  

08.08.23 Beamish Concert. Well the weather wasn't too kind today but it didn't stop us. We enjoyed playing in a different location down at the pit yard. It was lovely to be in a part of Beamish Museum that we've never visited before. Normally when we come we don't have time to look around. It is always a case of set up, play, pack down and go home. So it was nice to experience a little bit more of Beamish's history. We also give a big Thank You to John who stood in for us while our conductor Ben is away. Our next concert is Ropner Park on the 27th August, 2pm Start. Thank you for your support and see you at the next concert.

07.05.23 Happy News. Over the last few weeks, we have seen some new faces come to the band room. We have also had some of them new faces join us, which is excellent news. To think that a year ago we were low on numbers and there was a possible chance we were going to have to call it quits. But now the band is growing in numbers and getting bigger all the time. Even though we are growing in size, we are still looking for new players to join us. So if you play an instrument and wish to be apart of relaxed, friendly group then why not pop along to see what we are about.

12.05.23 Sad News. It is with great sadness that the band announce the sad passing of Peter Cook. Peter was the bands life long president and also until recently a playing member of the band. Peter was one of the original band members who helped form Cleveland Concert Band 14+ Years ago, he enjoyed the wide variety of music we played and enjoyed seeing all the lovely faces of those supporting us at different concerts throughout the country. Peter will be sadly missed and will always have a special place in the bands hearts, we send out sincere condolences to his wife Jean and the rest of the family. Rest Easy Peter. 

30.03.23 Apologies. So sorry we've been so quiet in the start of this year. We've been so busy with getting ourselves ready for the concert season and finding our feet with how fast these days seem to be going this year. It feels like we are blinking and we are into a new week, with our personal lives have been so busy as well which is why the website hasn't been updated for so long. We hope you have been following our facebook page to keep up to date with what has been going on. Our concerts page has been updated now and we are looking forward to concert season, we still have a few concerts to come in and these will be updated as soon as we can. We hope you had a brilliant New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in at our concerts. Thank you again for your continued support. 


News from 2022

04.09.22 Apologies and Thank you!.  Can we please just start by apologising for the delays in updating the website. We've been so busy, getting things ready for our concerts and also having such busy personal lives. We try to keep the website up to date as best we can so you know what's going on and where to find us throughout the year. However we have now come to our last concert of the summer season, and we would like to thank you all for the support. We also want to say a BIG thank you, to all those players who have helped us out when we've been short due to holidays and illness. In addition to this would would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all those Musical Directors who have stood in to help keep the band running, while we are on the look out for a new one. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all again next summer for more amazing afternoons of music.

15.07.22 Concerts and Recruitment. Our concerts are well underway now that the weather is picking up and we can be outside in the glorious sunshine enjoying the venues. Our last few concerts have had some amazing feedback, one of the comments from our lovely followers was ' Well played all. Lovely seeing the band playing in the park-brought it all to life'. Its amazing to hear such lovely reviews, it gives us such joy knowing we are bringing people happiness and enjoyment from the music we play. In addition to this lovely feedback, the band is still on the look out for new players to help to expand our music loving group. We are also looking still looking for someone who is good at taking lead and able to tell us where were going wrong. So if you can play an instrument and would like to come for a blow to see what were all about, or if you think your the man/woman for the job of conductor then contact us on facebook or 07757 442778 to get the information you need.

11.06.22 First Concert of the Season. What a lovely day we had performing at Saltburn for our first concert of the season. The audience were singing and dancing a long to the variety of music we performed. Our trumpet player Diane Morley did a fantastic solo of 'I dreamed a Dream' which went viral as a hit song after Susan Boyle sang it on Britain's Got Talent. Even though it was quiet cold, were glad the rain held off and we could enjoy the scenery of the cliffs behind the bandstand. Thank you to all our supports who were there on the day and we look forward to seeing you again for our next concert at Ropner Park on Sunday 10th July 2pm start. 

20.04.22 New Conductor. The band are currently looking to a new conductor. We are wanting someone who has good leadership and musical knowledge. Whether your a man or a woman, we don't mind, all we need is for someone to stand in the middle and lend a hand in leading our band through our musical journey and help us to continue to put on amazing concerts for the public. If you think you can help us and are the person we are looking for then contact us via our facebook or drop us a message on 07757 442778. We look forward to finding our new man or woman in the middle.

16.03.22 New Faces. It is so lovely to see new faces entering the band room and even seeing our members page fill up and spaces been filled. We've recently had Natalie join us on Clarinet and she said 'My time with the band so far has been fun and laid back. I get a real sense of community, everyone helps each other and they don't take everything seriously. I'm enjoying the range of music we play and I'm enjoying spending the time with others'. It great to hear these comments and we hope Natalie has a wonderful time on her journey with us. If you play an instrument and would like to be apart of the family, why not drop us a message on our facebook page or drop us a message at 07757 442778 to see how you can join in.

05.03.22 Goodbye and Good luck. On Tuesday night the band said a farewell to our conductor David Prest. He stepped in when our founding member and ex MD Keith Morley stepped down in 2018. Dave has done a wonderful job with the band and has helped us grow in confidence. We thank him for his time and guidance and we wish him all the best for his future. Thank you Dave, see you at our concerts.

12.01.22 New Year and Our Birthday. Happy New Year everyone, we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed spending those special times with family. We are now back in the practice room after our Christmas break, we are looking forward to blowing the cobwebs off some music that is in our library and we are looking forward to the wonderful concerts ahead. Since been back in the practice room we have once again celebrated our birthday, 14 years!. Hasn't that time flown by? We are still thankful for all the support we receive throughout the year from all our supporters and venues up and down the country. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to seeing you at our concerts in the up coming year.