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Band Member Profile

Gordon Chiverton

Saxophone.  Joined 2019

I started playing bassoon age 11 and gained grade 8 at 15, playing in school, town and county ensembles. At 16 I joined the army as a bassoonist with the Light Division. After surving a terrost attack in 1982 I went to the RMSM, Kneller Hall where over 2 years I gained Pupil Parchment on bassoon and sat my diplomas. Whilst there I was asked to join the Houshold Cavalry Mounted Regiment (Lifeguards) as principal bassoon. Whilst living in London I worked in many theatres & big bands.

After leaving the army I became a qulified teacher and enjoyed musical directing many shows, choirs & bands. I currently teach all woodwind instruments & spend the little spare time I have with our 2 crazy dogs & 3 delightful teenage kids. I joined the band for some sanity and to meet new friends & enjoy playing.


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